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What's new in Lytec 2009
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Improves productivity in scheduling appointments

 Collect Co-pays from the Scheduler
 Schedule, move, or cancel appointments quickly and easily
 Views appointments according to your office setup — by day, week, or resource
 Print superbills, patient registrations forms and more
 Allows multiple bookings to minimize missed appointments
 Alert staff of patients’ co-payments and balances due

Simplify patient accounting

 Added efficiency with all account information for each patient on a single screen for convenient access, entry, tracking, and retrieval
 Simplify daily book balancing using patient daysheets
 Easily applies patient payments with the payment wizard
 Manage patient receivables with aging reports
 Track insurance authorizations and reminds you when the authorized visits have run out

Speeds insurance billing and improves reimbursement

 Store billing information for any health insurance plan and assures accurate payer information with the Carrier Import option
 Helps track and manage all your insurance claims
 Print standard HCFA-1500 claim forms
 Track past-due payments to maintain timely and accurate insurance billing
 Interface with Electronic Claims Processing for faster claims processing and improved reimbursement
 Interfaces with Statement Processing for efficiency
 Improve collections and reduces accounts receivable
 Print professional patient statements with notes to encourage prompt payment
 Pinpoint past-due balances

Analyze your practice

 Identify the trends of your practice through diagnosis and procedure code analysis
 Track the profitability of your referring physician network
 Summarize information about the financial status and service performance of the practice
 Analyze the managed care costs for services provided against the insurance reimbursement received through contract services
 Compare the difference between charges billed to an insurance company and the amount reimbursed from the insurance company
 Track the number of inventory items you sell

Key Products And Services Available

 Lytec Single User

 Lytec Multi-User

 Lytec Client Server Editions (5-100 users)

 Lytec Claims Manager

 Lytec Code Import

 Lytec Encoder Pro

 Lytec Communications Manager

 Lytec Lab Connect1

 Lytec Advanced Reporting

 Lytec Interactive Training CDs

 Lytec Revenue Cycle Management Services

 And Much More!

Lytec 2009 System Requirements

Workstation System Requirements (recommended):

 Equivalent to Pentium 4 3.0Ghz processor or higher
 4GB of available hard disk space
 32bit color display
 DVD Drive
 Workstation Operating system (required): Windows XP Professional SP2 or higher, Windows Vista Business

Server System Requirements (recommended):

 Equivalent to Pentium 4 3.6Ghz processor or higher
 6GB of available hard drive space
 32bit color display
 DVD Drive
 Server Operating System:
          Windows 2000 Server or Windows 2003 Server (Enterprise or Standard editions) with latest service packs
     Multi-User/ Professional:
          Windows XP Professional SP2 or higher, Windows Vista Business

 Network (Recommended): Gigabit full-duplex 10/100/1000 Ethernet router/switch using CAT5e (or CAT6) Ethernet cable. Consult with a licensed network vendor for proper wiring for your business computing environment. Wireless networks are not recommended. If a wireless network is the only option we suggest, at the minimum, an 802.11G wireless network
 Internet (Recommended): High-speed Cable, DSL, Satellite internet service