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Monday, February 19, 2018

Apex EDI

With Apex, you can:

 Prepare and submit all your claims in less than two minutes a day—without learning new software or changing the way you work
 Eliminate the time-consuming hassles of payer IDs—Apex handles all of that for you
 Pay one low monthly fee for electronic claims processing—no matter how many claims you submit
 Use the same easy process to submit electronic and paper claims
 Track the status of your claims, check patient eligibility, and generate reports through a secure, easy-to-use Web interface


 There is a one time $150 setup fee
    (total, not per provider, charged after a 90 day trial period. If you cancel before the end of the 90 days you will     not be charged the setup fee.)
     You can also commit to a 1 year contract and the setup fee will be waived
    (this is a promotion and subject to change).

 $59 per month per provider* for unlimited electronic claims
*(anyone who's name appears in box 33 on HCFA).

 They also except paper claims, or for providers who submit less than 123 claims per month you can select to pay on a per claim basis at $0.48 per claim (current costs .39 Postage, .05 Envelope, 05-0.08 HCFA form, + Printing/toner, labor). They will also accept Medicare Secondary claims electronically without any extra processing or time. Old claims, claims prior to 30 days before the date you signup with Apex will be billed at $0.48 per claim.


Total time to send claims and print reports 1-5 minutes. You can send a batch in less than 30 seconds. There are no pended claims. If claims have errors they are rejected, you correct these claims in your billing system and resubmit them. All of this is done over a secure connection via the internet. There are no long distance calls to transmit claims or download reports.

We can process the application on-line. We can help you with the sign-up process and show you how to submit claims and download reports. You can typically start submitting claims electronically within 2 weeks from the day the application is submitted.

We would need the following information to complete the application for each provider you submit claims for:

     Providers Full Name
     Tax ID #
     Providers State License #
     Medicare Provider #
     Medicaid Provider #
     Blue Cross/Blue Shield Provider #
     Railroad Medicare Provider #

We would also need a credit card number or account number and routing number for your checking account for the monthly charges.

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