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Monday, February 19, 2018


General Features

     Native multi-platform support (Windows, Mac, Linux)
     Backup data without making others exit the program. Program does not require exclusive use of the data files to perform a backup.
     New ability to perform an inventory update, update a fee schedule and other functions without making others exit the program.
     Enhanced multi-user features allowing concurrent editing of the same record with Smart Field updating.
     The program will either auto-number the patients, guarantor, insurance, and addresses with numerical coding or alphanumeric coding.
     New Edit buttons on record screens that prevent accidental editing of forms.
     New Accept buttons throughout the edit forms making it more obvious in the program when you are saving changes.
     Now mark any patient, guarantor, procedure code or address file record, as “inactive.” The code will not appear in the search list or as you scroll through the details unless you choose to see the inactive records. This feature is very important for the referential integrity of the system. Codes that have been created and used in the system cannot be deleted, but can now be marked “inactive”.
     Under the Utilities menu option V7 now has a Record Statistics option that lists the number of patients, number of bills, and the number of billing service lines currently in the system.
     Unlimited length for text fields, including Code and Name fields. Spell correction from any field.
     Co-pay can be recorded at patient file and applied to bill later.


     Unlimited Appointment Templates can be created by provider using custom colors and time frames.
     Visit Types:  In Appointment Templates you can choose Visit Types that force the use of a selected visit type when scheduling appointments.
     Blocked Time Slots:  In Templates you can block days and times so that appointments cannot be scheduled.
     The “Appointment Reason” field is now viewable directly from the Appointment window in the daily view.
     Preferred Phone Field:  Select a preferred phone number in patient file and it will become the default for that patient in the appointment screen.
     Ability to Search on Visit Type:  You can now search for a free appointment by Visit Type.
     Concurrency:  Now set a Concurrency Limit during a search if you want to book more than one appointment per time slot.
     New Tabular format in the Appointment Detail. This fuction was formerly handled by buttons in Detail screen. Use Tabs for Repeat Appointments, Multi Schedule, and Notes.  Reasons are all located on specific tabs.


     The Day Sheet, Transaction Journal, Practice Analysis, Insurance Payment Analysis and Patient Encounter Form (EMR only) are now fully customizable through the Design Custom Forms screen.
     The Day Sheet, Transaction Journal and Practice Analysis can now be sorted by any field in the billing _detail information and are displayed in ascending or descending order.
     Import and Export Columnar, and Form based reports.
     Export the results of SQL window queries to a comma-delimited file for use in other programs. This is an excellent reporting tool.

Report Writer

     Improved WYSIWYG report writer with cross-hair guidelines, snap-to thresholds, nudging, auto-spacing, section masking and locking.
     New “Smart” data field relationships in report creation so that you do not have to understand or specify the relationships.
     New Cross-hair grid guidelines to help position fields on the form view of the report writer screen.
     Now Align Objects by “nudging” in report writer.
     New Auto Spacing options in the report writer.
     New mathematical calculation capabilities for columnar reports.
     Virtually unlimited “Undo” capability in the WYSIWYG report writer.


     Sort claims batches using any combination of fields (up to three levels)
     “Maximum Claims to Process" option when batching claims
     The Batch Payments feature is now easier, more user-friendly and more powerful than ever.
     Auto bill Secondary Insurance and or Patient after the Primary has paid

Features that set AltaPoint apart:

     Integrated Medical Records
       Unlimited narrative notes per patient, billing, and even procedure. Notes and other text will “auto-wrap• on statements and other reports.
       Template-based S.O.A.P. notes with interactive user prompts.
       Lockable medical histories.
     Generate patient “walk-out• instructions based on individual procedures.
     Speech recognition and narrative dictation (requires Dragon Naturally Speaking).
     Spell correction.
     Optional Palm TM organizer program and interface.
     Store photographs, x-rays, and other images.
     Integrated inventory.
     Sales tax collection and reporting.
     Advanced recall generation.
       Send recall notices and other reminders via letters, postcards and even E-mail.
       Automatic recall generation based on procedure code.
     Effortless program navigation. Many options are available directly from the patient file for increased efficiency and easy of use:
       Patient balance, family balance, and last payment are displayed on the patient form (no command or operation necessary to view).
       Ledger tab - Quickly view all patient transaction history directly from this tab. You can even choose to view recent payments only. Also, you can create a new bill or estimate by selecting a single button.
       Appointments tab - view future appointments and quickly make new appointments.
       Reminders tab - view and edit unlimited recall entries.
       Instant access to guarantor record.
     Powerful Reporting Options:
       All fields and files available for reports
       Script based reporting with powerful logic and conditional printing.
       Calculate sub totals and grand totals on column-based reports.
       Print logos, graphics, pictures, and x-rays on statements, invoices, and other reports.
     Direct data links to Microsoft Office (including Word, Excel, Access); Star Office; and WordPerfect.
     Unlimited fee schedules with global adjustment options.
     Multiple authorization tracking by number of visits and/or total fees charged.
     Advanced options for maintaining and tracking insurance vs. patient responsibility.
     Integrated backup and restore of data files.
     Contract Payments.
     Interface with QuickBooks on an accrual basis.

System Requirements

     Windows 2000, NT or XP Professional, of Mac OS X 10.3 or greater
    (Windows Vista, Windows XP Home are not supported by AltaPoint 7.0)
     A minimum of 512 MB of memory to run, with a recommended 1 GB
     A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 769
     The NTFS file structure